To Begin

Reorganising my bookshelves in December 2016 to accommodate the ever-growing piles of books I had accumulated, I realised that although I owned many books, a significant proportion of those books were unread. Of course, they were bought with the best intentions – to read and to read soon – but somehow I never quite got round to it.  Inevitably, more and more books were added. Book buying – book owning – had, it seemed, become an end in itself. New books by favourite authors, books recommended on Twitter, books I had read interesting reviews of, books with attractive covers or compelling blurbs, bargains spotted in charity shops. Books, books, books and yet more books.  Piles of books gathered dust (quite literally) by my bed, by the sofa, on side tables and on coffee tables, many owned, unopened, for several years. So before buying yet more books, I resolved to read the books I already own in 2017.  However, to buy no new books for an entire year is a little austere, so I have set myself the target of reading ten books I already own for every new one I buy (and when I say ‘new’,  I mean any purchase, including secondhand).  This blog is a record of my attempt to reconnect with my books as a reader rather than a ‘book-lover’ and engage with the experience of reading rather than the material pleasure of owning a large number of books.  Unless otherwise stated, the books I discuss in the following posts were all owned by me on 31 December 2016. I have no planned order in which to read them, other than my own interest and inclination.

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